How Can We Get Children Accustomed to dental visits?

How Can We Get Children Accustomed to dental visits?

One of a child’s worst fears is going to the dentist. And it still is for some adults too. The terrifying depiction of dentist offices in films and cartoons is where the fear of visiting them first emerged. However, parents and dental professionals alike must work together to support children in overcoming this phobia despite the fact that dental care has significantly improved over time. Many parents find it difficult to convince their children to visit the dentist, but with the right approach, we can help children overcome this fear and even look forward to their appointment. So, how can that be achieved?


Make sure children meet the right dentist

Does it really matter which dentist the child sees—a pediatric dentist or a general dentist—when it comes to dental care? Yes! Following dental school, a pediatric dentist completes specialist training. They learn everything there is to know about children’s psychology and development and how to properly address growing smiles. They employ strategies like “tell-show-do”, which entail outlining and showing what will be accomplished before the process even begins. Children feel a lot more at ease as a result.


Increase the comfort level through fun appointments

Make the first encounters into games and don’t forget to praise your young patient’s cleanliness and remind them to brush their teeth. Taking them around the office and introducing them to other staff members is another method to acquaint them with the dental office in case the child starts panicking. Give them an opportunity to feel like they befriend you, which will ultimately make them feel relaxed in this setting.


Advise the parents to avoid speaking negatively about dentistry

Naturally, children are highly curious about everything. Therefore, it is to be expected that they will have many questions about what will happen when it is time to go to the dentist. Help the parents understand that they should avoid using words like “pain”, “hurt”, and “needles” whenever this happens. Instead, they could use terms that describe what will happen using uplifting adjectives like “clean” and “healthy.”


Let a parental figure in the examination room

Many children experience worrying and occasional panic when they are away from their parents. At least in the beginning, a parental figure could be allowed in the examination room while the process is completed. The youngster will feel safer and more confident with the parent in the room, which is essential for making them feel calm during their appointment.

Getting children accustomed to dental visits is no easy task, but the sooner we make them aware of the importance of oral hygiene and regular appointments, the faster they grow into responsible individuals who might actually look forward to their next appointment.


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