Why overdenture solutions could be the best choice for edentulous cases

Why overdenture solutions could be the best choice for edentulous cases

Edentulous cases can be challenging, even for the most skilled and talented dental professionals out there, but nowadays, through exhaustive research and state-of-the-art innovation, a wide range of solutions has been developed. These overdenture solutions translate not only as successful dental procedures but in a complete lifestyle adjustment for the person – offering them the highest aesthetics and overall, the possibility to speak, smile, and laugh, with no concern.

Overdentures, the denture prosthetics supported by implants, usually between four to six, present more benefits than traditional dentures: higher stability, increased comfort, and better quality of life for the patient, acting just like natural teeth.

Stability, durability, and comfort

Implant-supported overdentures help in retaining the existing bone and prevent further deterioration, helping the bone stability and providing the person with a more youthful appearance. Unlike the common incident of sliding around the gum area, the implant-support overdenture remains comfortably fixated, being anchored to the implants. This doesn’t allow for the mobility of the denture, encouraging the patient to maintain her dietary health by giving them the ability to enjoy chewy or hard foods. The overdenture solutions, have also fewer maintenance routine requirements, being a more flexible solution in the long-term.

New life, new aesthetics

From an aesthetic point of view, because the dentures are fixated on the implants, they provide greater support in the jaw and gum area, fortifying the jawline, and therefore preventing the resorption of the bone and further facial bone loss. This is due to the osseointegration process that takes place between the implants and the live gum and bone, keeping the facial bones healthy and playing a crucial role in achieving a natural appearance. In the cases of traditional dentures, facial bone collapse can occur, as the bone loss deteriorating process speeds up. The overdenture solution removes this issue, allowing edentulous patients to strengthen the jawline and retain bone density.

Benefits for a lifetime

The overdenture provides almost endless benefits to the patient:

• They are a permanent solution with high stability;
• Great aesthetics with a natural appearance;
• Help in preserving jaw bone;
• Present little to no risk of dislodgement;
• Patients gain more confidence in the most basic activities such as eating or smiling;

Thoughtfully innovated, Tag Dental’s overdenture components are made from a single piece, featuring a reduced size to improve the aesthetic restoration. Our unique patented Multi-unit Angulated (MUA) overdenture solution is a perfect example of the single-piece component, which helps in improving the aesthetic restoration process and result, while placing greater versatility and success in clinicians’ hands, because of the unique connection to the implant system.

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