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Education is one of our main pillars of success. That’s why we’ve not only revolutionized the field of dental implant development, but the field of further dental education as well. Our custom-made training modules place instructors and students at the same level, for better, more in-depth training, from a point of mutual respect and reverence. TAG Academy is not just a training center – it’s a peer-to-peer sharing and education hub, where everyone stands tall in the name of dental implant development.

Resource Center

Welcome to the TAG Dental Global Resource Center!

You are invited to dive into our brand new and exciting learning zone, where top professionals are sharing their know-how and experience in the implantology domain.

Study Cases

We truly believe the best way to learn is from experience and Study cases.

We are pleased to share with you some fascinating clinical cases of Dentists around the world using Tag Dental implants.


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    Innovaciones en el manejo del Bruxismo XXI. Placas digitales, Laser, Farmacoterapia y Botox

    June 30 – July 1 2022
    Tag Dental Colombia
    Bogotá, Colombia

    Día a día nos encontramos con más pacientes, y hasta nosotros mismos con problemas de bruxismo, apretamiento dental, espasmos musculares, dolor y demás desordenes que afectan nuestro comportamiento dental y de los implantes colocados en boca.

    Pensando en cómo podemos dar más tranquilidad a nuestros pacientes de no tener riesgo de pérdida de implantes por malos comportamientos musculares y de ATM, el Dr. Enrique Jadad nos complace con su curso de 2 días para cumplir con el objetivo de aprender los conceptos sobre trastornos temporomandibulares que afectan el sistema gnático, entregar los conceptos necesarios para lograr un adecuado diagnóstico y poder elaborar un plan de tratamiento efectivo para tratar las diferentes patologías entre ellas el bruxismo, sindrome doloroso miofacial, entre otros.

    Manejo basado en farmacología, terapia psicológica, fisioterapia y terapias alternativas, todo con prácticas pre-clínicas. Incluye toxina botulínica aplicada en el curso.

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    Si Entendemos la Imagen, Entendemos el Proceso: Tomografía

    June 22 2022
    Tag Dental Colombia
    Bogotá, Colombia

    La base del éxito en la colocación de implantes dentales parte de una buena planeación del caso, y para esto es indispensable hacer un estudio de imágenes radiológicas como lo es la tomografía, la cual es una ayuda tridimencional para ser acertivos en la selección del implante a utilizar, y a su vez asegurar que nuestros caso será un completo EXITO. Los esperamos para tener una maravillosa práctica de análisis de casos, para lo cual requieren traer su computador portátil.

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    Connective Tissue Graft:
    Various Protocols and Updates

    January 14 2022
    The Private Academy
    Haifa, Israel

    VIP season is back – and so are the master courses! Join us for a boutique course with the renowned Dr. Bernard Dahan.

    The course is exclusive to Tag Dental’s network of dentists and newcomers in our family, on behalf of Tag Academy. Knowledge and skills are a goldmine, and this special course will focus on the collection and preparation of self-contained gingival implants made of connective tissue. Our participants will master the technique of preparing the self-gum implant and understand the importance of including it in the treatment.

    Save the date and #experience_the_difference with us.

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    Social-Scientific Weekend

    December 9-11 2021
    Bayit Bagalil Hotel
    Biriya Forest, Israel

    Tag Dental team participated in a premium weekend full of workshops, learning experiences, and networking in the beautiful scenery of Galilee.

    Together with the Israeli Society of Prosthodontics and elite group of dentists, we participated in stimulating discussions about the latest and upcoming dental trends.

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    Optimizing Success in Implant Dentistry

    November 17th – 19th, 2021
    Vert Lagoon Hotel
    Netanya, Israel

    Join us at our DENTAL TALK – the 1st Israeli Influencers Conference, where top specialists will engage in amazing conversations in our special booth. The Israel Association of Oral Implantology will mark 20 years of activities in the dental arena with a first-rate conference, „Optimizing Success in Implant Dentistry”, where you can discover how to optimize your talent and reach the peak of your skills in implantology. Worldwide speakers will join us in debates, workshops, and compelling conversations over cocktails to discover the optimal formula behind success in implant dentistry.

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    Periodontal Treatment in the XXI Century

    September 9-10 2021
    Cartagena, Colombia

    In 2021, the Colombian Association of Periodontology and Osteointegration (ACPO) and International Academy of Periodontology (IAP), will jointly host an international meeting in Cartagena-Colombia, on September 9-10th. This will be the 61st ANNUAL ACPO SEMINAR and 18th BIENNIAL IAP CONFERENCE. This groundbreaking conference will focus on the Periodontal Therapy in the 21st Century bringing world-renowned experts to Colombia.

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    Dental Talk: Prosthodontics Influencers Conference

    June 16-17 2021
    Intercontinental Hotel
    Tel Aviv-Yafo, Israel

    We invite you to take part in the special influencers event at the Israeli Society of Prosthodontics Annual Physical Meeting.

    Join Israel’s Prosthodontics Influencers at our special studio booth, where you can talk about trends, special and new practices, or share your knowledge and thoughts.

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    Global Distributors Experience Conference

    February 6th-8th, 2020
    Carrer de Pelai 28
    Barcelona, Spain

    The 1st TAG Dental Global Distributors Experience Event was designed to present TAG Dental to clinicians from around the world, with a focus on TAG’s new approach, TAG 2.0.

    Participants took part in three exciting days of business, marketing and educational workshops, while enjoying the rich cultures and great flavours of Barcelona. An innovative environment that enabled participants to “Feel the Difference.”

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    Israeli Dental Event

    December 12, 2019
    Giggsi Sports Bar
    Beer Sheva, Israel

    Tag Dental & Dr. Atef Alsana hosted an exclusive, private “Share Your Knowledge” dental academy event in Be’er Sheva.

    The event was a great opportunity for clinicians from Israel’s southern communities to get to know TAG Dental, our products and digital solutions, while enjoying a great, pleasant, professional and social atmosphere. The event included four seminars, as well as dinner and drinks, and was enjoyed by 55 participants.