TAG’s superstructures have a carefully engineered concave profile design (Reverse Crown, RC) and a unique platform switching capability that keeps the implant-abutment connection away from the bone, The pillar design incorporates the “Reverse Crown” concept, increasing the volume of soft tissue in order to enable the achievement of a high level of aesthetics.

Pre restoration

Our pre restoration components are based on a concave profile, enabling TAG to provide a wide range of healing cap, transfer and impression capping solutions, directly to your dental clinic.

Our healing caps’ concave design shapes the implant’s aesthetic profile during the healing period, for a superior final restoration result.

The open and close tray has a press fit and is available in 3 and 5 mm heights.

Our analog can be used as an analog implant or analog abutment.

  • *Healing caps
  • *Analog & transfers

Temporary restoration

Our temporary restoration abutments manufactured of PEEK for quick and easy modification and replicate the geometry of our titanium final restoration abutments, maximising their ease of use.

  • *0° Temporary Abutment
  • *15° Temporary Abutment
  • *25° Temporary Abutment

Final restoration

Comprising a large variety of products and systems, our innovative line of final restoration abutments provides dentists with different restoration possibilities that enable them to overcome and restore all cases, and provide patients with an ideally aesthetic result.

  • *Titanium aesthetic abutments
  • *Burn-out aesthetic abutments
  • *Anatomic abutments

Over denture

Our overdenture components are made from a single piece and feature a reduced size to improve aesthetic restoration, and provide the tools for effective restoration with respect to both complete and partial denture requirements.

  • *Multi-Unit Angulated System
  • *Ball Attachment Angulated System
  • *Equator