Experience Live Surgery in Barcelona with top facilities and mentors.
Explore the city Tag Experience style – for a lifetime memories. Learn more about practical and advanced implantology from leading surgeons in Spain. UCAM Certificates will be given out at the end of the course!

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Academic Facilities

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Live Patient Courses

Learn to plan workflow and implement practical, successful treatment concepts from industry-leading clinicians.

Customize your educational experience to meet your specific needs and requirements.

Participate in practical training and surgical courses on live patients at our elite training centre.

• Doctors will assist colleagues, during surgical down time for further enhancement of knowledge.

• Our live patient courses will give the confidence needed to take your implant practice to the next level.

Choose Your Course

Apply for a course that suits you best, and we will contact you to provide full information, quotes and consultation.
  • Basic Course*

    Basic Course

    6-10th November 2022


  • Advanced Course*

    Advanced Course

    30th April – 6th May 2023


What is the

It is not only our trademark but Life and Learning in one complete concept. The TAGEXPERIENCE is a combination of unique workshops, lectures and collegial education.

Our goal is to enrich and inspire each participant with practical experience and know-how that will inspire your TAG implant journey Tag Experience is a complete concept and our unique trademark.

By offering a combination of unique once-in-a-lifetime workshops and lectures (along with memorable moments and surprises!), we make sure each dentist will be enriched mutually both by the know-how acquired and the excitement of their journey growth.

The Tag experience guarantees a luxury & VIP atmosphere, a learning experience within a small group of professionals, and a complete hands-on environment while focusing on personal learning.

Location & Equipment

Environment and Location are paramount when it comes to effective training. Our state of the art training facility has everything you need for productive learning sessions – modern surgical suites with the most current technology and sterilization.

Whether digital or manual, our surgical treatment planning knowledge will guide your TAG experience to ensure the delivery of the best possible patient outcomes.

Professional Guidance

With more than 25 years of experience in continuing education programs, Esiro Barcelona has the support of strategic partners through different inter-institutional agreements, such as Universidad Catolica San Antonio de Murcia (UCAM) through its postgraduate degrees in dentistry PGO UCAM Barcelona We have one of the most efficient human resource training and coordination mechanisms among the regions, which allows us to provide first-rate lecturers and instructors for each particular need.

The Right Patient

Gain knowledge in live surgical situations customized to your level of experience.

With up to 15 implants per course, you gain routine self confidence for development of your successful implant practice.

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